A day out with Dex

A fleeting glimpse of spring.  Yep, that’s what it’s been like recently.  Sunday was this ridiculously gorgeous 80F day–yes I was completely spoiled with that day and no, I was not expecting that type of day consistently yet–but a girl can hope right?  Well, Monday wasn’t half bad but it was almost half bad.  I woke up early so I could take advantage of the remainder of the warm weather from Sunday before the storms/rain rolled in in the afternoon.  I figure I had to get it in since Tuesday is supposed to be rainy and cold (relatively).

I decided there’s no better way to tire out my dogs than to have an off-leash adventure at the farm.  Now, I wasn’t convinced this would be enough, so I opted to bring along the bike to kick it up a little with some extended jogging/cantering.  Dex can’t be off-leash so I brought along our long line and we had quite a good time walking and biking all over the farm.  Even Shayne, who really hates the bike, enjoyed running along side the bike (so long as she’s not attached).  I came home and had three dogs relaxing for most of the rest of the evening–I was even able to get through 3/4’s of Excelerated Learning, one of the new books I just bought.

Given another half day in the sun walking/hiking/biking around, I’m struggling to pull together the post I was hoping to write, so, you’ll have to browse some photos from our day!


Three happy dogs figuring out where to go next!
Scenting something exciting along the pathway
Oooo, is that a deer in the distance?
Happy Shayne!
Dexter is a PRO at biking… he just fit right in
I dont call him big-mouth for nothing!
Three tired dogs at the end of the morning adventure! I love it!

Well exercised dogs are happy dogs!  I couldn’t imagine not getting these dogs out for some strenuous work… I dont think I could survive that type of insanity!

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  1. well exercised dogs are also well behaved dogs, lol

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