A mild distraction

Well, it’s been a crazy few days! I’m going to distract you from the lack of blog post with a photo of Bandit.

I think I mentioned last week that Bandit took his first off-leash hike with us at the farm. Well, we went back again yesterday to let the dogs run and it was certainly a lot of fun. Except for the first five minutes.

After we let the dogs out of the car, we walked around the mowed part of the lawn on our way to the fields. Well, as we rounded the corner of the tennis courts Bandit took off into the field.

What did Bandit decide was the BEST thing for him to dog? Put his head into a hole… which would have been fine except the exterior of the hole and even inside were tons of sticker/burr plants. My mom pulled him out of the hole with probably 40 burrs all over his body. He about 14 on his face, a bunch under his armpits, a few on his chest, a bunch on his feet and 4 in his tail. I spent 10 minutes pulling them off his face, his feet, his armpits, his chest and his legs. Unfortunately his beautiful plume of a fluffy tail engulfed the burrs so they had to be cut out but I’m pretty sure he thinks it was worth it since he found a few more burr plants along the way the he walked through!.

So, enjoy a photo of Bandit looking happy and proud of himself covered in burrs!!

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