A paws in the action

Last night was the first night of my new round of classes and I was WAY more tired than expected when I got home.  Both classes have great dogs and great handlers but the first class with dogs is always extra crazy.  I didn’t plan ahead and as much as I tried to get in another recall post, it was coming out all convoluted and nonsensical.  So, I figured I’d wait a day and actually put out quality post about the recall (since it IS so important!).

So today is my day early “Foto Friday”…  this week’s theme… Dexter’s first bath.  Dexter was feeling pretty scuzzy and although he’s on a good diet now and his coat is improving, he was still a little gross.  So, I decided his day had come… and it was bath time.  My neighbor is a groomer so she has a sturdy tether system in her tub, professional shampoo/conditioners… and yes, driers for a blow-out.  Luckily she’s awesome and lets me use her facility when I need to and she was happy to let Dexter visit for his first bath!

Pre-bath.... i think he's regretting his excitement walking into the shop.....

Shampoo.... "Can I go home now? Please? I'd really rather not be here"

Conditioner... "I do not like. Really, this isn't okay. Can we not do this?"

Post-bath fluffy and smelling so yummy! "OMG, I SURVIVED!! I'm so happy i made it out of that torture chamber alive!!"

Rio and Shayne rolled him in the dirt... GRRR! At least it wasn't mud right?


Post-bath, punch in the FAAAACCCEEE!!!!

Post bath zoomies ended up in a 15 minute long wresting match! LOL!

  1. They are always so ready to go after baths. Lol Doc and Delta just got baths and Doc was sooo ready to play after his bath. I’d crouch down low and he’s run at me and smother my face. Lol Silly doggies after bath time. If only we got that much energy after a bath!!! LOL

  2. Aww so cute! I always give kibble-fed dogs a bath when I dog sit them. They are usually so greasy and smelly. Glad he’s all cleaned up now lol.

  3. I love post-bath fluffiness!! We ran out of time to give Gus his bath last weekend but he’s not going to be so lucky this weekend. 😉

  4. Why is it that post bath time is always zoomies time? We bathed the pups yesterday and they played for 45 minutes after!

    (Sorry for commenting on an older post. I’ve been out of town for a while, so I’m still catching up. 🙂 )

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