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Tena Parker, lead dog trainer


Tena with Oswin (left), Rio (middle), and Shayne on the beach.


Tena Parker CPDT-KA, M.S., has been working with dogs for over 15 years. She earned her Master’s Degree in Education and her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (with a “minor” in Physics) from Sarah Lawrence College and is the head trainer for and owner of Success Just Clicks Dog Training in Pittsburgh, PA. She is a nationally certified dog trainer (CPDT-KA), is a member of the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), is a Certified APDT C.L.A.S.S Evaluator (and instructor), is a Certified AKC Canine Good Citizen and S.T.A.R. Puppy  Evaluator, and is a Certified Mentor Trainer for Animal Behavior College.   In 2014 Tena was awarded one of 3 highly sought after scholarships to attend the Association of Professional Dog Trainers’ yearly conference.

Tena’s commitment and support for responsible rescue continues through her work with The Proper Pit Bull in Pittsburgh, PA.  She is the Training Team Manager and a board member.  She is responsible for handling training/behavior related inquiries, creating behavior plans for dogs in the rescue, training volunteers to join the Training Team, and evaluating dogs prior to and while in their care.  She has also worked with a wide variety of local rescue organizations with a variety of species.

Rio and Shayne with their latest title Ribbons ARCH Shayne RL1, RL2, RL3, CGC, BA, MA ARCH Rio RL1, RL2, RL3, RL1X1, CGC, BA, MA, CL1, CL2-H

Rio and Shayne with their latest title Ribbons
ARCHX Shayne RL1, RL2, RL3, RL1X, RL2X, CGC, BA, MA

She is committed to the use of positive reinforcement training and clicker training in both basic obedience training but also in rehabilitating troubled dogs. Tena finds continuing education vastly important in the ever-evolving world of dog training and has attended a variety of seminars. She has participated in seminars and workshops given by Patricia McConnell, Nicole Wilde, Sarah Kalnajs, Grisha Stewart, and Bobbie Bhambree on topics such as reactivity, Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT), aggression, fear, play, and sports foundations for puppies.  She also regularly attends dog training webinars (internet based “seminars”) with a wide variety of qualified professional presenters on topics such as the role of psychopharmaceuticals in behavior modification, bringing home a new dog/puppy–tips for success, separation anxiety, living with teenaged dogs (surviving adolescence), and more.

Students quickly learn that having fun is an important part of how Tena teaches classes and interacts with clients. If training is not enjoyable, it’s not likely to happen but if everyone involved enjoys the process, it’s much more likely to be worked on and refined. Tena’s background in education has played a critical role in how she runs her classes, develops her curricula, and works with individual students. This focus on fun is at the core of two classes Tena has developed for WPHS: Sports and Games class and Games, Games, Games class.

Tena’s dogs, Shayne, Rio, and Oswin (just beginning her career) have competed in canine sport events throughout OH, NY, PA, CT, and MD.   Shayne and Rio have both been extremely successful in APDT/World Cynosport Rally-O and made the national rankings in 2014 (Rio #19 in the ARCH category and Shayne #9 in RL3) and in 2015  (Rio #19 in the USA overall, Rio #2 ARCHEX, Shayne #7 ARCHX, and #2RLV).   Rio recently earned his  Rally Champion Extraordinaire (ARCHEX) and Shayne her Rally Champion Excellent (ARCHX) and have an ever growing list of accomplishments.  Tena’s newest addition, Oswin, earned her RLP (Rally Puppy title) at 10 months old, her RLPX (rally puppy championship) at 11 months old, and has earned her RL1 (level 1 rally title).  She recently earned her very first perfect score on a level 1 course and Tena couldn’t be prouder!  Though the best compliments that Tena receives are not about their frequent perfect 210 scores, but how happy the dogs look to be working and how much fun they look to be having (along with those perfect scores and blue ribbons)!

Hard earned success for puppy Oswin! PSF’s The Impossible Girl, CGC, RLP, RLPX, RL1

Rio has dabbled in Agility, earning his Level 1 title in CPE and his Level 2 Handler games title in the same venue.  Rio loves agility and Tena hopes to one day have the time to really focus on that area of his training and to bring Oswin into the sport of agility as well!

Besides being accomplished athletes, all of Tena’s dogs have earned their CGC (Canine Good Citizen) titles and continue to be enrolled in various training classes because she finds classes to be an important part of their continued success.  Rio and Tena are a registered therapy dog team and have done visits at CCAC North and various locations with WPHS and The Proper Pit Bull. They recently became a registered Crisis Response team through an organization called Paws With Compassion–as a crisis response team they could deploy to places where a crisis or disaster has occurred to provide support for the community.  Shayne and Rio have also earned their BA and MA degrees through the APDT C.L.A.S.S. program and Tena hopes to have two new “Ph.D” degrees on both dogs in the near future.




 Professional Development

2005–Bobbie Brahmbree –Star Puppies! (raising performance puppies!)
2011–Patricia McConnell– Dog Aggression and Dog Play
2012–Sarah Kalnajs– 2-Day seminar–Treating Dog Aggression, Day of the Puppy, and Resource Guarding
2012–Nicole Wilde–Help For Your Fearful Dog
2012–Grisha Stewart–2-Day Seminar–Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT)
2012–Patricia McConnell–Webinar–ASPCA Webinar on Adopting Older Dogs
2013–Dr. Aronson–Webinar–Behavior Modification Medications
2014–Grisha Stewart–Webinar–BAT 2.0
2014–Clicker Expo–4-day conference experience with 4 working Labs–Karen Pryor, Ken Ramirez, Hannah Brannigan, Emma Parsons, etc.
2014–SPARCS Conference–Live Stream and membership recordings
2014–Trish King–2-Day Seminar–Exploring Anxiety and Exploring Aggression
2014–APDT Conference–4-day conference experience–Ian Dunbar, Rise Van Fleet, Emma Parsons, etc.
2015–Clicker Expo–4-day conference experience with 4 working labs (where I worked my own dog)–Emily Larlham, Ken Ramirez, Hannah Brannigan, Laurie Luck, etc.
2015–Ian Dunbar–How to Train A Puppy–online Udemy course
2015–Susan Garrett–Puppy Peaks program
2015–Fenzi Academy–101 Nosework
2016–Malena Dimartini–Separation Anxiety weekend seminar
2016–Fenzi Academy–Puppy Genius
2016–Fenzi Academy–Engagement
2016–Fenzi Academy–Levels 1/2 class
2016–Michael Shikashio–Aggression Online Mentorship (auditor)
2017–Michael Shikashio and Trish McMillan–Seminar–Aggression and Defensive Handling
2017–Debbie Jacobs–Seminar–Fearful Dogs
2017–Fenzi Academy–Jumping Gymnastics–Gold Level
2017–Fenzi Academy–Shaping a Flashy and Confident Heel–Gold level



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