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We firmly believe in the power of catching your dog being good! If, at the beginning of training, you can create an environment where they cannot make big mistakes and then reward the daylights out of all the good stuff, good behaviors will develop and become very strong!

Success Just Clicks is 100% committed to using dog-friendly and positive training methods. We do not use force, fear, or intimidation in any of our training practices.  Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that training should be a positive experience for both the humans and the dogs. When training is enjoyable, all parties are more inclined to continue and work through the process.  We frequently utilize and suggest using a small device called a “clicker” in our training that tells the dog when they are doing something correctly but it is not required.

We teach clients how to use positive reinforcement to reward behaviors they like, how to prevent behaviors they don’t want, how to interrupt and redirect undesired behaviors, and how to teach dogs that their behaviors have consequences (both positive and negative consequences). These things all lead to better communication between human and dog.

When working on behavior modification plans for resource guarding, reactivity, or fear based behaviors, we believe that it is exponentially more beneficial to treat the root cause of the resource guarding, reactivity or fear and not just suppress the behavior.  We teach dogs that there is no reason to resource guard or be fearful in the first place which makes the undesirable or dangerous behavior subside.

Our positive approach does not end at the handle of the leash, we work hard to make sure that the human students are treated with respect and that they have a positive training experience.  We think it’s important for the dog handlers to enjoy the training process, to feel confident in the skills and mechanics of the training, and to feel comfortable enough to ask questions of the trainer.

We aim to teach people the skills to ultimately work their dogs off-leash and without special equipment, but we do utilize dog friendly equipment like the Sense-ation/Sensible front hook harness, the Freedom front hook harness, and in some very specific instances a head-halter.  These devices are merely management tools to help mitigate the strength of the dog on walks while the handler works on training.



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