(almost) Wordless Wednesday–motivation

If You Want Something, DO Something


Loose leash walking

“Wow, why won’t my dog walk like that!” said the man who stopped me while walking Rio down a busy sidewalk earlier this year.  I know I’ve written it time and time again, but my response was, “thanks, we work really hard.”  Dogs don’t magically adopt a loose leash walk, they don’t magically learn to not jump, and they don’t magically learn to potty outside.  We must work to teach our dogs the behaviors that we find valuable.


LLW and not LLWing

I was reminded of this yesterday when I took advantage of the ridiculously warm weather and brought Rio and Linus to the park for a nice walk.  It was the first time Linus had gone for a proper walk outside my neighborhood (weather has been quite yucky) and after the initial moments of apprehension, Linus was all over the place on the leash.  He was pulling a bit, but the biggest pain was his zigging and zagging and his spinning around me and wrapping me up.  While Rio walked beautifully next to me (until released), Linus was like a Tasmanian devil all over the place.


If I want to see a change in his behavior, I need to DO something about it!

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  1. Hi Tena,
    Of course if we wanted to change something we should do something about it. As the famous quotation says “You Want Something? Go Get It”. You might also heard it if you watched the motivational movie – The Pursuit Of Happyness. I have a habit of watching motivational movies and videos from the web. I landed to your blog when i was searching for some motivation. I hope you will keep working hard to get your stuff done and i’ll also try to do the same.
    May God Bless Us.
    Thanks for posting this motivational post.

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