Are you Ready To Rally!?! Class Announcement

Are you Ready to Rally-O?!

Shayne is ready to Rally!

Shayne is ready to Rally!

I am looking to add a Foundation Rally Skills class to my WPHS schedule starting in March.  Class would be held on Sundays in early afternoon/late morning at WPHS on the north side.  Before WPHS commits to Rally (instead of an “enrichment games” class that I would teach), they want to see if there are already interested parties.

Foundation Rally Skills is not your typical beginner Rally-o class.  This class does not focus on walking courses or learning how to walk course.  This class is all about teaching the skills you need for Rally-O.

Before walking courses or learning the ins and outs of how to walk courses, I want my students and their dogs to feel confident in all the behaviors they will be asked to perform while on the course.  That is what this class is all about–teaching you the individual skills and signs that are necessary for Level 1 Rally-O.  The skills, rules, criteria and signs will all be based off APDT Rally but we will mention some of the other venues.

This class will be a lot like a tricks class in that each week we will cover of how to teach and how to improve various behaviors that can be found on a rally-o course.

This class will cover:

  • Heel position
  • Heeling in motion
  • Front position
  • Sit/down in heel
  • Finish Left/Right
  • Forward Left/Right
  • Sit/Down Walk-around
  • Left/Right Pivots
  • About Turn Left/Right
  • How to perform individual Rally sign


This class, would be suitable for those with at least a strong foundation in basic behaviors (for current WPHS students, graduates of Adult Basic 1 with approval or Basic 2/CGC/CLASS/Advanced Super Puppy would be fine) .  This class is not designed to be able to accomodate full barriers so dogs must be comfortable working in a classroom with other dogs and people.


If you are interested in a Rally-O class and you are able to come to class Sundays (early afternoon), please comment or email me so I can give WPHS an idea of how many people are already interested.

For those of you who are unsure what Rally-O is and what it looks like, here’s a video of Shayne and Rio’s first trial…



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