Canine Enrichment Games Class!

Canine Enrichment Games Class!

Do you struggle with keeping your dog physically and mentally entertained?  Are you running out of ideas for keeping Fido occupied?  Is your stuff suffering because your dog is starting to keep himself busy by chewing, shredding, or destroying your things?  Is your dog starting to become pushy, obnoxious, or whining because they are bored?  Do you have a high energy and smart dog who you recognize needs more work or more constructive things to do than chase your cats, chew your shoes, bark at the TV, counter surf, or other boredom-induced behaviors?  We have developed a quick and super fun class just for you!

Canine Enrichment Games is all about exposing a handler to a wide array of toys, games, activities, and tricks that can be used to help them meet their dogs’ physical and mental needs.

There are a crazy wide range of toys and games available designed to help burn some mental energy and while a handler may know of a few, they often don’t know of just how many are available.  They also never know if they work well, or if they would hold up to their dog’s use, or if their dog will like the toy.  Since the toys are sometimes a bit on the expensive side, it can be a tough decision whether or not to invest in a toy sight unseen.  This class will give you the chance to play with a wide range of toys and puzzles.  Not only will you get a chance to play with the toys, I will be talking about ways that I found to make the toy more challenging for the dogs so you can use them for a long while without it getting too easy.

We will also be exploring some scent games you can play with your dog as a way to burn lots of mental and physical energy.  We will play shell games, muffin tin game, and other kibble-hiding games along with potentially introducing the first step of canine nose-games (hiding kibble in boxes).  Scenting games can be incredibly effective ways of burning physical and mental energy–a handful of good searches can be enough to cause a dog to want a nap!

Lastly, we will be learning about activities and tricks for fitness!  We will teach you activities and show you how to teach tricks that will help strengthen and stretch you pup.  These activities and exercises are like a yoga, or aerobics, or other exercise class for your dog.  It’s a fantastic way to burn both mental and lots of physical exercise.  A lot of the exercises will have your dogs physically exerting themselves and burning energy even in an indoor situation!

For more information or to register for the class you can visit the WPHS’ registration page!  The second session date is incorrect and will be pushed back a week or two (I let them know but it hasn’t been updated yet)–as they didn’t account for a weekend I would be out of town.

canine enrichment games flyer

For more information or to register, check out the WPHS website!

  1. I soooo wish there were classes offered here in Connecticut. If you know of any or how to get one going please let me know. I am very interested in the betterment and happiness and the companionship of our dogs here in CT.

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