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The Power of Choice

The Power of Choice During this most recent stretch of frigid (though not quite the ‘extreme cold’ of a month ago), I have had to improvise the activities happening with my mid-day dog walking clients.   It has simply been too cold to spend much time outside,

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Throwback Thursday–Gotta Buy Into Training

Throwback Thursday–Gotta Buy Into Training

Gotta Buy Into Training–Throwback Thursday Originally posed on 10/18/11 How many times have you heard “I’ve tried everything to get my dog to …”?  I think I must hear something to that effect more than once a week from people inquiring about training or in classes.   People

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Bigger is not always better

Bigger is not always better “The more tools you have in your tool box the better.  If you purposely exclude a particular tool and a problem pops up that requires that tool, you won’t be abel to fix the problem.  I’m not one of those cookie pushers

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Don’t Be REactive

Don’t Be REactive No, I’m not talking about your dog, I’m talking about YOU!  If I could give students of any dog a handful of “words of wisdom,” this would surely be one of them–be proactive!  Don’t wait until your dog does the unwanted behavior, don’t wait until

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Throwback Thursday–V-E-T is Not an Abbreviation For Trainer

V-E-T is not an abbreviation for trainer–Throwback Thursday Originally posted 4/22/11 (has some updates/modifications from the previous version)   I love my vet, while we may not always agree, nutrition-wise, he respects my choices and never gives me a hard time about it.  He is at the

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Tips for Training Class

Tips for Training Class

Tips for Training Class This past weekend Loki started an advanced puppy class.  His first adult basic class (taken because I didn’t want him in group play with rowdy puppies) was a small class with 2 or 3 other students in it at any given time (though

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Freezing Temps–Fired Up Dogs!

Freezing Temps–Fired Up Dogs! It’s Monday night at 10pm or so and it’s already -6F  air temp with windchill of -25F. Today’s temps dropped like a rock and it was 0F by this afternoon.  We are lucky that these temps are only going to last another day

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Hey! That’s Not Dominance!

Hey!  That’s Not Dominance! I regularly get asked questions from dog guardians that are worried about their dog being dominant (this happens more often than I would like to mention).  They are often genuinely concerned because they’ve either heard a T.V. personality or a friend say that

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How to effectively Ditch The Food Bowl

How to effectively Ditch The Food Bowl I’ve written before about ditching your food bowl a few different times over the last few years but I’ve never focused an entire post on the subject (or not a detailed informational post).  I have mentioned my use of toys

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Measuring Successes In String Cheese

Measuring Successes In String Cheese A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post and made two videos about teaching loose leash walking. My method for teaching loose leash walking is based around using a high rate of reinforcement to shape the leash manners.  Whenever we are

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