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Raw Noms!

  Now that all the informational posts are out of the way, I figured I’d talk a bit about what Shayne and Rio eat and give you my own observations.   Shayne and Rio have been eating a diet based off prey-model raw for a little over

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Deciding on Dog food

Yesterday I highlighted some red-flags to avoid in dog food and addressed some of the myths around popular dog foods.  Today let’s talk about what to look for in a quality dog food.  Again, I’m not going to name-names but I will tell you what I look

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Deciphering Dog Food

 Deciphering Dog Food–Red Flags All dog foods that are AAFCO certified as nutritionally balanced will indeed sustain a dog–as in they will not starve from lack of nutrition if you feed that food in a suggested amount.  However, there is a very big difference between a life

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Baby-steps toward change…

My process of changing foods was really not a fast process… it started slowly and progressed as I did more and more research–lots of baby steps.   I am not going to give the names of the brands I fed, simply the ingredients list… I don’t want to

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You are what you eat…

Nutrition has come up in my classes a few times recently and I figured it’s about time now that I cleared the air on my blog.  I know it’s been mentioned a few times but Shayne and Rio are fed a prey-model raw diet.  This was not

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