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Training Results are Not Always Linear

Training Results are Not Always Linear When we talk about progress in training, it is very rarely, if ever, strictly linear.  This is especially true when we talk about behavior modification.  There will always be forward and backwards steps in the process.  Some days will look incredibly

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Quarterly Newsletter

It’s that time of year… if you aren’t already signed up for our quarterly newsletter, there’s no better time than now. You will only get 4 emails a year (possibly expand to 6 eventually) and you can ALWYAS unsubscribe.  We will never sell your information and you

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I have no impulse control–New Web Design!

I Have No Impulse  Control–New Web Design!   As I expected, I have had really poor impulse control and have debuted the new website earlier than planned!  I think it was half excitement about sharing my hard work and half  was my total and complete fear of

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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5 MORE Tips to Train Like A Pro

A while back I posted 5 tips to help you train more effectively– 5 Ways To Train Like a Pro. I talked about timing, rate of reinforcement, quiet hands, not repeating cues, and precision placement of rewards. These are definitely things I’m regularly mentioning to my students

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Gotta Practice In the Real World

“He does great in here but as soon as we step outside he’s a raging lunatic on the leash! I just don’t understand!” The trainer answer is that dogs do not generalize well. Basically this means that dogs do not automatically understand that the rules in one

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Best Behaviors for Parties

With the start of Hanukkah tonight (Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish pals out there!), comes the start of the holiday family party season. Along with the awkward family party photos can come some awkward family apologies for inappropriate canine behavior. I once heard a great story by

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Why I Don't Have Friends

I am a big gift giver in general but it’s definitely heightened during the holiday season. Now, finances prevent me from doing all the things I’d like to do (and giving all the things I’d like to give) but here’s a list of some of the *awesome

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A nice freebie from Through a Dog's Ear

I know I have mentioned it before, but I am a huge fan of Through A Dog’s Ear music.  I think it can be a really important piece to reducing anxiety, working through fear issues, or just creating a nice and calm environment for dogs. I use

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Bon Voyage Chase!

On Sunday I took foster dog extraordinaire on the first leg of his journey to his new furever home!  Chase stole the hearts of a family who had adopted from our rescue previously.  Their previous dog had recently crossed the bridge and they were not actually looking

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