Chase Update

It’s always a good day when I wake up to an update about Chase. He is doing fantastic in his new home and he continues to win over everyone he meets.

He recently went to the vet and he/she even joked that “he needed to stay for extended observation”–he’s just that fantastic that even the vet didn’t want to let him leave. He could be the poster-dog for a promotion about adopting shelter/rescue pets. So many people believe that all dogs in shelters/rescues are somehow broken or damaged but that is just not the case. Sure some dogs have baggage (but this can even happen from a breeder and certainly from a pet store puppy), but there are so many like Chase who are amazing and brilliant and nearly perfect.

One of Chase’s new owners works in an extended-stay nursing facility and I think Chase will become a regular guest. He went to visit recently and made everyone smile with his charm and his gentle nature. He seemed to know that these were not folks he could jump on and wiggle around but was as calm as he gets and was very gentle. He is clearly doing important work in his new home and that is just fantastic!

I know I wrote it before, that he was a gem of a dog but he really is and it clearly shows with all the people he’s won over and all the things he’s done!

Chase being a rockstar at the dog park with his doggy friends chasing him!

One of Chase's favorite hikes

Yes please, throw the ball! (it's great not having to beat Rio to the ball to get it!)

LOOK! I got the ball!!!

My favorite place to sleep... yep yep!

  1. Aww, so awesome to hear that Chase is doing so great in his new home! Thanks for the update!

  2. I am so happy to hear this wonderful update!

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