Christmas gone to the dogs….

Do not like Christmas bows....

So here’s our Christmas in a photographic nutshell…

First we opened a secret santa gift … Shayne and Rio unpacked the box nicely…sort of…

Their favorite toy was a squeaky snake with cool squeakers… they also got a squeaky tennis ball, salmon treats, and a wool toy (more on that in a moment)

Before I could even give them the wool toy, Jefferson was playing with it and quite literally rolling in it…

The kitties also got a few cat nip toys, extra catnip, bonito flakes, and a favorite red fuzzy toy…

We then had a box with presents from our good friends Jamie and her dog Risa (from It Just Keeps Getting Better blog).  She got the pups each a treat-fillable ball…but my dogs don’t share well, they both tried to steal each other’s toy!

This year the pups only got one wrapped stuffed toy but they loved unwrapping it nonetheless…

What could it be?


The reason Shayne and Rio had a bit of a skimpy Christmas this year is because….

They got a TUNNEL!!  I purchased a nearly unused 15ft  tunnel from a friend who could no longer use it.

And now for the obligatory bows on the head photos…

So, how did you celebrate the holidays? Did you or your pups get anything awesome?

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  1. Great photos! Merry (belated) Christmas!

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