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Private Training
Success Just Clicks Offers training private training sold in “packages” which can include (in most cases) either 2 sessions, 4 sessions, or 6 sessions. Each private student has their package catered to fit their individual needs. That being said, here are some of our most popular goal-oriented packages:

Puppy Primer–This is a 90 minute session before you get your puppy where we go over all the basics: selecting a reputable breeder, finding an ethical rescue/shelter, house training, crate training, leash training, appropriate toys, puppy schedule needs, basic training, and socialization requirements.

Picking a Pooch–This is typically a 1 or 2 session package where we spend time matching your family and lifestyle to some “types” of dogs that would likely fit into your family (it can be specific breeds or it can be qualities of an individual dog). This is a rather in depth process to help you avoid the frustration of having a dog who doesn’t fit into your lifestyle. We can optionally go with you to meet the dog/puppy at the breeder/shelter to help determine good fits.

Family Manners–This package covers typical family manners behaviors for dogs of all ages. It can be catered to each individual family but often includes: name recognition, focus, sit, down, stay, come, proper greetings, go to a mat, and more.

Basic Obedience–This package focuses on more formal obedience behaviors that are a part of the Rally-O sport, such as: heel, sit, down, front, finish left, finish right, stay, and come.

Behavior Modification–We offer packages to address a wide variety of behavior modification needs. Each is tailored to the specific family and dog(s). We can address resource guarding, leash reactivity, fear/phobias, house breaking troubles, mouthing, anxiety, and more.

Prices vary depending on the type of training and the number of sessions in the package. Some packages are priced as low as $45 per hour-long session.

Current Classes

Success Just Clicks offers some training classes through Western PA Humane Society at their facilities on the North Shore of Pittsburgh and in Crafton. We also periodically offer “urban dogs” training classes which cater to teaching dogs to have reliable behaviors outside of the home or training facility and will be scheduling practice classes for our Canine Drill Team.

New Class!

Mind Your Manners Class: This class is a multi-level class that is appropriate for dogs of varying skill levels. This is a positive reinforcement class and is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to use a clicker to improve your efficiency as a trainer teaching new skills.

Since this is a multi-level class, each dog/handler team will be working on a given behavior at their own skill level. What this means is that while the group may be working on a single skill, each team will be working at their own level. So, some dogs may be working on holding a sit-stay for 5 seconds, other dogs may be working on holding a sit-stay while tennis balls are rolled in front of them, and others holding a sit-stay while another dog runs by. All dogs will be working towards the skills tested in the CGC as well as being successful in real life situations. Skills covered include sit/stay, down/stay, focus, loose leash walking/heel, impulse control exercises, CGC greetings, CGG style greeting a friendly dog, and recall.

Mind Your Manners is scheduled to start 9/6/12 at 8pm at You Go Little Dog about 35 minutes from downtown near Irwin, PA. For registration information, please email me or use the contact form linked above.

Outward Hound 1: This class is a 6 week basic level class designed to build focus on the handler while outside the home and in higher distraction areas. Focus is the foundation to building reliable behaviors outside so we spend considerable amount of time teaching your dog to pay attention to you no matter what is happening around them. For this class we will start at a local park for the first few session and then visit different more distracting places. This class will build strong handler focus and will start working on settle on a mat, loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, and leave-it in more distracting environments. This class is appropriate for friendly dogs who may be mildly reactive on leash.

Outward Hound 2: This class is a 6 week advanced level class designed to use and further the skills learned in OH1 and is run when we have enough interested graduates from OH1. With improved handler focus learned in OH1, OH2 will focus on having reliable behaviors in many environments. We may visit outdoor cafes, dog-friendly shopping areas, dog-friendly outdoor events, and other dog-friendly public spaces. The class will focus on settling on a mat, loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, greeting people appropriately, and leave it in public spaces. This class is appropriate for friendly dogs who have completed OH1.

Western Pa Humane Society Classes

Success Just Clicks Dog training teaches several classes each week through WPHS. These classes are scheduled by and enrolled in through the WPHS. They follow goals/curriculum laid out by the WPHS. For more information on the individual classes, the current class list, or to register for a class, visit the Training and Education page of WPHS’s website.

Adult Basic 1

Teen Intervention

Sports and Games

Family Manners for Reactive Dogs (not the official name)

Adult Basic 2 (only scheduled when we have enough interested parties)

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