Debuting New Tugs by Tena Store

I’m really quite excited to announce a new way to purchase Tugs by Tena items. If you haven’t already noticed the “Storefront” tab, you should take a moment to just look to the left of the blog tab–yeah, it is right next to the blog tab, I’m not sure how you could have missed it! Well, under the storefront tab are two pages, “Store” and “Tugs”. To learn more about my tug toys, you can check out the tugs page, but to purchase tugs, treat pouches, whatever things I may add, you can click on the “Store” link. All the purchases are secured through Paypal so you can be confident in the security of your personal information. I am still working out the kinks of shipping, with the very variable nature of my orders and of each item, I’m trying to find the most efficient way to offer shipping but it is largely a trial and error process, so things may change a bit as we go.

Due to the overwhelming quantity of tugs I braided for the holidays, I am taking a bit of a break from tug making until after the first of the year. Come January 2, I’ll be taking orders again for tugs and boy oh boy do I have tons of new fleece! A new adventure is that I’ll be selling “ready to tug” toys that are toys I have already put together that you can choose from. They will be the same price as their custom counter parts but they will ship faster (if there are no custom items in the order). Some of the new and awesome fleece patterns are in very limited quantities so they won’t actually be added to my picture of patterns and will only be used in “Ready To Tug” toys. These Ready To Tug toys will not be available on my Etsy store, so you may want to update your bookmarks to be up on the most up to date options.

So, go check out the current store and if you’d like to place an order you are welcome to, but I will email you and let you know that I won’t start braiding again until January 2. Or you can wait for me to start posting the Ready To Tug toys and pick some from there–I have some really cool new fabrics to be used for these tugs that you can’t get through custom building so check back regularly to see if any new ones are added.

I am considering another contest to celebrate the re-opening of Tugs By Tena, so keep an eye out for notification here and on Tugs By Tena’s Facebook page. What would you like to win in the contest? A medium sized tug? Pocket tugs? Treat pouch?

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