First B.A. Canine Life And Social Skills Graduates!

First B.A. Canine Life And Social Skills Graduates!

I would like to proudly announce and celebrate our two newest B.A. Canine Life and Social Skills graduates, Penni and Scout!


Penni, B.A. with her mom Lori!  Congratulations!!

Penni, B.A. with her mom Lori! Congratulations!!

Penni is an 11 month old pitbull type dog who passed her B.A. evaluation with honors!  She is a such a great ambassador for the program because not only is she a young dog, a pitbull type dog, but she is also a tripod dog–she was dumped a the shelter as a very young puppy with a leg injury that was severe enough that it needed to be amputated.  Penni’s mom had been her foster mom while she recovered from the surgery but quickly decided she couldn’t let Penni go.  Any dog, with the right training, can do well with the C.L.A.S.S. program and be successful with a dedicated training partner.

A huge congratulations to Penni and her mom Lori (and her whole family of course)!



Congratulations to Scout B.A., and his mom Sandra!

Congratulations to Scout B.A., and his mom Sandra!

Scout is an adult boxer/pitbull mix who passed his B.A. evaluation with honors!  He is such a fantastic ambassador for the program not because of his breed mix but because he’s come a long way in terms of his reactivity issues!  He is a recovering reactive dog and while he is very well managed and only has occasional reactive moments, he passed his B.A. thanks to all the hard work his mom has done.  Dogs do not have to be perfect to both attempt and pass the B.A. level C.L.A.S.S. test–Scout is a very very good boy who doesn’t react often but he does still have his challenges but even so he did an excellent job on he B.A. evaluation, thanks to all the hard work of his mom.

Congratulations to Scout and his mom Sandra!


We are so proud fo ALL of the students who took the B.A. level evaluation.  All of the teams  who did not pass this time around were so very close to passing and it was excellent feedback for me to see the areas they need the most work!  We have gotten really positive feedback about the test from students who took it and have even more people interested in taking it who haven’t taken C.L.A.S.S. class because the evaluation looked both fun and achievable.

Here’s some of the feedback we got:

“I was way more stressed than I needed to be, the test set up was quite relaxed and very positive.”
“The testing ran really smoothly and there was little waiting time beforehand.”
“I really liked the 5 minute warm up time in the test, it helped ME get the jitters out and let my dog get acclimated.”
“It was nice that there was a place to wait out of the way before being called into the test.”


I can’t wait for C.L.A.S.S. classes to get started again and to see all of my teams and graduates!  Congratulations!

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