First Snow!

We got the very first “more than a dusting” snow the other day and I took the dogs to the farm for some running! It was the first time in a year we’ve been able to get into the woods since the risk of ticks was low considering all the snow and the low temperatures. I LOVE walking in the woods because I think the rough terrain makes the dogs a little more tired afterwards because they are constantly jumping over downed trees or hoping over rock walls.

After our hike through the woods we had some playtime in one of the mowed lawns on the farm and I got my camera out long enough to snap some fun pictures!

I hope these pictures will keep you busy long enough for me to enjoy the next few days with my family for Christmas! I’ll be posting the “Leave it” contest winner but other than that, it’ll be a quite few days from SJC! Rio, Shayne, and I will be enjoying time with friends and family (and of course having some fun play times hiking!).

From Tena, Shayne, and Rio, have a safe and happy holiday!!

1 Comment
  1. Now I have snow envy. Happy holidays to all of you!

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