Sirius Training, Serious Fun!
Sirius Training, Serious Fun!

Foto Friday

Ever since I got back from Rio’s agility trial I have been mildly regretting not getting any still photos of him. I made sure that every moment was filmed but didn’t think to ask my friends to take photos for me. As a photographer I really SHOULD have thought about the importance of photographs but I, for SOME reason, had a lot of other things on my mind (shocking right?).

Well, the other day, on SJC’s Facebook Page, a fantastic good samaritan posted a photo that he/she had taken at the trial. He/she hunted down my website and then SJC’s FB page and nicely shared a great shot of Rio. I was so thankful because I’d certainly regretted (a little) not making sure I got a photo or two. I’m just really happy to have this photo to commemorate that awesome weekend!

Happy Weekend!!

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  1. Yay! This photo is terrific! He looks so thrilled to be flying over that jump. 🙂

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