Alright, this week has continued to have some wordy posts and I think I’m ready for a break.  The last few days have been chilly but beautiful.  Full sun, mild breezes, and generally really pleasant.  I have spent as much time outside as humanly possible reading, playing with the dogs, just sitting in the sun, and watching the wildlife come back.  I also took the opportunity to take the dogs out and get some spring time photos (is it sad that I have an absolutely ridiculous quantity of photos…of my dogs?).   I got some really nice shots… and some really entertaining shots.

It was such a great day that the dogs just insisted on playing with the chuck-it for hours (and my chronically sore shoulder is reminding me how much I need to learn to stop myself)…


Bets on who ends up with the ball?
HA-HA! I got it!

While "almost" may not count... "barely" certainly does!

After plenty of running with the chuck-it, the kids took a break for some squirrel watching, stick chewing, and generally more sedentary behaviors.

Shayne has a happy and a sleepy all in one!
The chuck it is right here.. you can use it again!
MMMM stick! It has a flavor!
Mr. Handsome

After some resting, they opted to continue racing around the yard being wild beasts (what else is new)… the light was just right to make their muscles look super defined (and why you can see ribs on Rio in a previous photo).


Under her fluffy double coat, Shayne has some crazy ripply muscles!

Maybe this time I'll catch him!

And then (eventually) they were down for the count….

Gonna rest for a little...

Just resting my eyes!

  1. My favorite is the last one- Shayne’s expression is so cute! Her fur looks silky and soft. Is it because you feed raw?

    • Y’know she’s always had a really nice coat. Very plush, soft, and shiny but raw has made it more shiny than ever before and maybe a little softer.

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