FREE Pre-Puppy Consultations

FREE Pre-Puppy Consultations

Pittsburgh Free Puppy Consultation

I am in the business of putting myself out of business–dogs are brought to me with problems or needing training, and I give the owners what they need to remedy these problems.  Once the behaviors have been remedied, they often go off into the sunset together ready to enjoy their lives.  For as much as it can be a challenge to continually need to find new clients, I am going to take this one step further with one of our holiday specials.

I am going to be offering a FREE service to hopefully prevent problems and prevent people from finding themselves in situations where they need extensive behavior modification/training.  From now until 1/15/14, I am offering a free 30 minute pre-puppy (or new dog) consultation for people within 10 driving miles of my HQ or a free phone consultation for anyone within 20 driving miles of my HQ.  For those who want an in-person consultation but who live between 10mi and 20mi, there is a $15 fee.

This consultation is all about preparing for a new dog and choosing a new dog.  The topic of the consultation can vary between situations but puppy selection, breeder/rescue evaluation, puppy proofing, integrating a new pet, and 2 week adjustment are all potential topics.

When people take the time to select the right dog for their home (or right type of dog), they increase the chance for a successful transition.  If new owners take the time to prepare for the new dog before the dog comes home, the transition will likely be made much easier.

So, what’s the catch?  Well, really, there isn’t one.  There are some restrictions in terms of the expiration date of 1/15/14, the required distance from my HQ, and that the consult must happen before you bring home or purchase/adopt your dog, but there is no real catch.  In fact, there is actually a bonus, if you sign up for a Pre-Puppy Consultation, you qualify for 5% off your first training package for your dog (if you sign up within 30 days of bringing your dog home).

I got into training because I want others to be successful with their dogs and this is one way I hope to make that happen!

Feel free to share this around for people in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

If you are interested in signing up for your Pre-Puppy Consultation, email to get more information.


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