FRIDAY: Freaky Frisbee Fotos!

With the addition of Dex, the third or fourth dog (if we count Bandit), life has been a little crazy.  He’s a great dog who is just the happiest boy in the world, but he is also like a 40lb puppy, boundless energy, no impulse control, not so many manners, no attention span and requires me to watch him like a hawk.  And, although we are working on his car chasing behavior, it is still physically draining just holding him back when he goes over threshold (which isn’t as frequently now but it still happens)… I don’t live on a busy road, but it’s busy enough to be a nuisance.   We’ve been having lots of fun and quite a few adventures, but all that caught up with me today and I’m a bit too tired to write anything super wordy–THANKFULLY I took some fun frisbee photos today with Shayne and Rio… so enjoy some freaky frisbee photos!  HAPPY WEEKEND!!


Got it!

Any bets who ends up with the disc?

Nice jump!

Yeah, he misses this one LOL!


Got it this time!

SCORE! I got it first!!

And now for the freaky photo (again)

SCARY EYES!!!!! She's secretly a zombie...

  1. Great action shots! We’ve tirelessly tried teaching Gus to catch his flippy flop, but it inevitably always hits him in the face. 😉

  2. nice photos, Dexter sounds like a character

  3. Great pics. my dog, a lab is also a catching fenom.

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