Geez! Busy Busy Busy…

Thanks to tax returns and the prospects of tax returns, I’ve been quite busy as of late! Lots of new private students, new classes starting, and even managed to stay true to my new resolution of working with my own dogs more often. With this new-found craziness, I’ve definitely been struggling to find the time to blog–more specifically the blogs about what’s going on in my world (I mean, I can almost always think of SOMETHING doggy to write about!).

I realized that there are many things I have not yet reported to everyone about the goings on in my world. I figure that now is as good of a time as any to catch up!

**Jethro was adopted! Have you been wondering where the cuteness of Jethro has been the last few weeks? Well about 3 weeks ago he was adopted into a fantastic family! I thought I mentioned it here but apparently not since I got an email asking about him the other day. Last I heard he was settling in and doing well.

**Here at Casa De Los Parker, we have added a new critter. At the end of last week I posted a message on my facebook saying that I was getting ready to start searching for a new young kitty to bring into my home after the passing of Joey. Jefferson kitty was starting to beat up on 16 year old Panther and it was just not terribly harmonious without a playmate for Jeffy. I knew that any cat added to my house would have to be very special, let’s be honest, my house is a bit crazy. I also knew that finding that cat could probably take a while (since I was also looking for another polydactyl kitty). Turns out, it was a really FAST process. It just so happens that a friend of a friend helps run a rescue and they had just pulled a young male polydactyl kitty from a high kill shelter.

They kitty has been with us for just 2 days and is still living in my bedroom (and probably will for a week or two), but he’s starting to come out of his shell. His full name is Montoya’s Revenge after the character in the book/movie Princess Bride who is seeking revenge on the six fingered man (a polydactyl human) but he’s called Monty for short. Monty has so many toes, it’s crazy! He’s got big “patty” back feet, each with 6 toes and he has 6 or 7 toes on his front feet–I haven’t been able to really find out the total number yet. I’ll add photos as I’m able to take some… I’m trying to keep things as low-stress as possible, and I suspect taking tons of pictures would be stressful for him.

**Rio’s got his 6 weave poles down!
Part of my resolution was to work with my own dogs more frequently and I was rewarded today for the work. Granted we’ve only worked weaves one day in the last little while but it was enough for him to “get it.” It really is like a light bulb went off. During our last weave session (the first one in months) he really struggled with entries but today he was probably 85% on his entries (including adding in jumps before the weaves). Anyhow, I put together a little video of his weaves that you can see below–Enjoy!!

  1. 6 poles! And he looks so very happy with himself! Congrats.

  2. Rio looks awesome! Congratulations! You say he was tired but it didn’t look like it to me. There was no stopping him, that’s for sure.

    And congratulations on Jethro’s adoption! I assumed as much but it’s great to read the full story. I hope he is settling in well.

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