Gorgeous day at the farm…

I haven’t been posting as much the last few days and I wanted to give you all a bit of an update. My dad had surgery recently and I’ve been spending quite a bit of time helping him during the day so I’ve been away from my blogging routine. Hopefully things will get back to a more normal schedule soon! In the mean time, I’m going to distract you with some photos I took yesterday on an AMAZING walk with the dogs.

We’ve had a freakishly warm winter and yesterday was a GORGEOUS warm day with not a cloud in the sky so I had to get the dogs out for some running. I hope you enjoy the photos….

Shayne has a major happy. She was really wafting the air and smelling something good… I couldn’t even get her to turn her head to look at me, I had to move to get this shot. She was SUPER intent…as soon as I released her from the stay she took off like a mad woman into the middle of a huge field. She ended up finding, within just a minute or two, a raw bone with meat on it (looked liked a shoulder blade of a deer)–she “out”-ed it at quite a distance but it was a huge distraction.

Shayne and Rio kept running back into the middle of the field to the deer bone… look at those naughty dogs!

Rio having the most ridiculous face! He looks like he’s being so naughty!! I love how his ears are mid-flick and look like cropped doberman ears LOL!

Shayne and Rio playing chase in the field… they got SOOO muddy!!

Rio is amazing. That is all.

At the end of the day, Shayne is clearly a happy puppy … this face is why I do what I do. I love her so much and seeing her so relaxed and so happy is just awesome!!

Last week, Kristine over at Rescued Insanity wrote a post about perfect happiness and these photos are MY perfect happiness and I think both of my dogs’. I’d like to echo Kristine’s question… what is your “perfect happiness” (whatever that means to you)? What do you think your dog(s) would say is their perfect happiness?

  1. I can never get enough of photos of such happy dogs. Shayne and Rio are some of my favourites! Whenever I see pictures of them run at the farm, I think of how my dog would long to join them. Running and sniffing out raw bones? Pretty much her idea of the best things ever.

    Their collars are so pretty as well! Did you make them yourself?

    Thanks for the linkage!

    • Thanks! They are quite photogenic if I do say so myself.

      Those are two collars I did make myself. When I have some extra funds, I am a HUGE fan of Collar Mania collars but they aren’t cheap (since I get them embroidered) so I make my knock-off collars to keep me somewhat satisfied with interesting collars! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, SUCH happy dogs! Those are great pictures. I’m glad you had a chance to take advantage of such lovely weather.

  3. That is beautiful. Me too, I couldn’t help but notice the dogs’ beautiful collars! Did you make them?
    Kind regards from Germany,

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