I have no impulse control–New Web Design!

I Have No Impulse  Control–New Web Design!


As I expected, I have had really poor impulse control and have debuted the new website earlier than planned!  I think it was half excitement about sharing my hard work and half  was my total and complete fear of the process of switching over by myself.  I may be a jack of all trades but a web developer and a web designer I am not so if any issues popped up, I was sure to be up a creek without a paddle.

But, as luck would have it, the transition went surprisingly smooth considering my lack of expertise!  The site was completely down for about 5 minutes, then I spent about 30 minutes fixing images and various links, and just a few minutes dealing with odds and ends that have popped up as more people checked it out and found some bugs.

The only thing NOT up to date at this point is the store.  I am hoping to add additional retail items in the store as we get going.  You may soon find Sensible/Sense-ation harness, Freedom No-Pull harnesses, Through A Dog’s Ear music, my tug toys and more.  As that gets up and running I’ll let you know all about the items that you can find in the store.

I would LOVE if you would offer some Free Labor opinions about the website–things you like, things you don’t like, grammar errors, typos or broken links.

So go, check it out!!


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