Is it summer yet?

Oi.   Dex has been with me for some 6 or 7 weeks now and he has not once shown any interest in the trash (which is behind a cabinet door).  There have been many raw bones in the trash–things I don’t trust Shayne or Rio to safely consume, and not once has Dex shown any interest in the trash.  Apparently today was his day to shine because he decided that he wanted the cooked chicken bones in the trash.  He opened the door to the trash can and then dumped it… within 3 or 4 seconds I was in the kitchen getting control of the situation but by then he’d consumed the chicken breast carcass.  UGH.  Long story short, I haven’t had time to write a post (nor have I had the focus to do it while watching Dex closely for any signs of discomfort).

So, in 10 minutes, I pulled together a very quick video that I shot today of the dogs.  It was such a nice day and since they have been so few and far between, I wanted to get it on film so I can remind myself what summer looks like… since who knows when we’ll actually get to experience summer fun again.


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