It’s been a hard day’s night

It’s been a hard day’s night

I’ve been working like a dog!  This week isn’t yet over, but I am quite tried.  It’s been hectic here at SJC with lessons and dog walks, and classes and phone consults and last minute schedule changes.  My schedule this week was all over the place and with Linus in the house, even on days I was ABLE to sleep in, he had me up earlier than I’d like (*I am a night owl and tend to be up quite late working so sleeping in past 730/8 would be nice).

Well, after waking up this morning earlier than I would like, I did some administrative work and then tried to settle down for a little nap before mid-day dog walking clients.  Unfortunately, Shayne and Rio had other plans.  Although they nap ALL THE TIME during this time of the day (because it’s typically when I do admin work), they were all up in my business when I tried to nap on the couch.

Rio climbed on my back/side for a while until he slid off and was wedged between my back and the couch with his head draped over my neck, only it was more like he was trying to suffocate me by curling his head/neck around mine and sort of squeezing.  Shayne was in front of me on the couch and all was fine until she rolled on her back and her feet HAD TO be in my face–not just in my face but poking me and hitting me in the face/eyes/mouth/nose (p.s. her feet smell).

Long story short, I did not get to nap, I am extra tired, I am not looking forward to freezing my buns off outside during my dog walk appointments but I did get this really cute picture of my suffering!



  1. So funny! You look smushed, for sure. Hope you sleep better tonight!

  2. Oh, dogs. I know how it goes. Whenever I’m feeling great, Clyde naps all day long. But if I’m exhausted, sick, or in some other way down and out, he’s right there, shoving his nose at me, asking to be let out, asking for ice cubes, and (not even kidding here) even once let a few bad farts rip right near my head as he lay next to me.
    Sometimes, they’re total pains, but boy is it worth it. 🙂

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