Sirius Training, Serious Fun!
Sirius Training, Serious Fun!

It's GO time…

Okay, so my bags are NOT packed, the car is NOT put together and I’m NOT ready to set sail for my big weekend. Okay, I admit, I MAY be a bit of a procrastinator. In about 12 hours from writing this (at 12:10 AM), I will hopefully be setting sail with Rio on our journey.

I’ve got my work cut out for me to get ready tomorrow but I’m super excited to spend the weekend doing awesome doggie things with fantastic friends! (What better way to spend my birthday weekend!)

Fear not my friends, there will be plenty of photos and videos of the weekend’s events next week (probably Tuesday rather than Monday).

  1. Have fun! I am so excited for you and Rio. Wish we could be there to watch!

  2. Happy Birthday and have fun!

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