It's play-off season… I may be slacking

It’s hockey playoff season and I’m … well I’m a hockey fan.  Tonight the game went into double overtime and I may have been glancing at a blank blog entry for the entire time I focused on the game (which we won!! LOL)!  So, I hope you can enjoy some photos of the pups taken a few days ago.  I will totally make it up to you, I got some good feedback on my video blog post and I had a few people miss class today so I’ll probably pull together another video to share for tomorrow.

New favorite picture of Shayne--she's mid-shake... so cute! What's sad is if you look closely you can see the fur flying LOL!


Shayne's running style is not light and airy like Rio.. she really digs in and powers through

Go Speeeeed Racer!

Crazy face 2.0!

Almost full extension... he covers quite a lot of ground per stride...

lol... sometimes he just makes me laugh with his legs everywhere

Look at the angelic glow around him.... (HAHAHAHA!)

Go Dex Go!

Oh look, they share... sort of

Look, they love each other!!

Thanks for humoring my nearly text-free post!

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  1. Great photos!! Those are some happy dogs!

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