Leave-It picture contest!

Inspired by the fun I’m having with the leave-it pictures (first started by Canine Lifestyle Academy in MD), I’m going to run an impromptu giveaway! Open to US and Canada residents 18yrs and older (void where prohibited).

How to enter: I want you to take a picture of your dog (trained with positive methods) practicing “leave it”. You can spell out leave-it in treats, you can show them balancing treats on their nose, you can stack up treats into a tower, etc. I want to see you showing off your dog’s leave-it skills. You can enter one of two ways after you’ve taken the picture. You can either head on over to Success Just Clicks Facebook Page and post a photo to our wall OR you can email me the photo to successjustclicks@gmail.com . I will then add all the photos to a special “leave it contest” photo album.

What you can win: You can win a ready-made Tugs by Tena tug!

What is the deadline: I will accept photos until 12/25/12 and will choose a winner shortly there after.

How will the winner be chosen: I will use my trusty random.org to select a number and we’ll go in order in the album to find the winner!

Tips: creativity is fun but do not exceed your dog’s capabilities. If your dog is new to this game, stick to lower value items or fewer of them. Set your dog up for success! This should be FUN!

The fine-print: Dogs should be trained using positive training methods and should reflect that in the image–no choke chains, prong collars, or shock collars and no dogs that look like they are being intimidated to leave the food alone. One entry per person (so if you have multiple dogs, you may want to take a group shot). Winner gets 1 ready made tug toy from Tugs By Tena (xs, s, m, or l). Please set your dogs up for success! This should be fun for you and your pup!

  1. What a fun idea for a contest šŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to seeing all the creative things people will do with their pictures!

  2. I am definitely going to enter this! I just need to hit the store to pick up a few things and give it a shot. Thanks for the really cool idea!

  3. had alot of fun with this contest. I am so proud of my babies for being able to leave all of their favorite toys.

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