Linus Graduates School!

 Linus Graduates School!

Last night Linus went to school for the last day of Small Dog Basic class and he came home with a lovely diploma for all of his hard work!  He really came out of his shell in school–by the end of class he was rushing up to all the people in class and begging for a treat by sitting and staring and was even accepting petting from most students (not a great behavior but for a dog who wouldn’t get within 3ft of any of the people the first week or two, it’s a HUGE success).  When everyone was clapping and cheering during the class, he barely flinched, which was really really impressive!

Once he learns routines and visits a place a few times, he seems to adjust well.  He’s also doing great making human friends.  I took him to a new dog park during off-hours to meet up with Meika the GSD and her mom.  Linus had seen them probably 4 times before this and even before they made it to the gate he was wiggling and wagging and to my surprise he only briefly greeting Meika and then jump up to say hi to Sarah (again, not overly desirable but I’ll take jumping up for now since it’s friendly and brave behavior).  He’s such a super boy!

Congratulations Linus!!


Linus and his diploma!

Linus and his diploma!



Cutie pants Linus with his hard earned diploma!

Cutie pants Linus with his hard earned diploma!

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