Loki’s Big Day

Loki’s Big Day


Indoor exercise for Loki! Having fun on the peanut!

Today Loki goes to WPHS for a meet and greet with a potential family.  It’s his first meet and greet since being put on the web over 2 months ago.  I’m  sort of pleased about this because it means the staff was taking my suggestions about finding him the right home seriously, though I wish more people were looking for a dog like him so that he could be in his forever home already.

In talking to the staff, we talked about what Loki is looking for in a forever home where he can be successful.  I told the staff that, at a minimum, he needs an experienced home looking for a jogging/running/biking partner but ideally he was looking for a home who was either very interested in or already involved in any number of dog sports.  He has some special needs in being placed because of his history of resource guarding–although we haven’t had a problem of RG from people for months and months, since that was one of the reasons he came to me, it is the policy not to place him in a family with young kids (which makes sense).  With the special needs for him, I requested that he be placed up for adoption as an “application only” dog–which means that any prospective adopter would first have to fill out an application on him and be approved before meeting him.  He is too cute and charismatic that people would likely meet him, fall in love, and not really consider the consequences of bringing a dog like him into their home.

I’m looking forward to seeing how he does at his meet and greet, I’m not worried about him being anything but his wild, charming, and charismatic self–but I am interested to see how this family perceives his wild puppy self.  Although improving significantly, he’s still jumpy, mouthy, and a bit wild with friendly strangers.  He just loves everyone so much all the time!



We started his preparation for the meet and greet a few days ago by getting a bath–boy was he stinky! Other than getting him less smelly, I wont’ be doing much of anything.  We’ll go for a little walk to make sure he is well pottied but I want them to see him as he is.  I don’t want to run him like wild so they see him after he is well exercised because that isn’t who he is without an hour or more of work and not everyone is willing or able to give that type/amount of work.

So, we will see how things go early this afternoon!

  1. Good luck!

  2. Good
    Luck Loki!

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