My dogs are nuts…

I had full intentions on writing a blog post this morning that was meaningful, insightful, a tad bit funny, and really awesome.

Shayne and Rio have decided that is not an option. They’ve been quite literally running circles around the house for 2 hours… I just snapped this video … and this was 2 hours into the off game of chase/play/hump/wrestle. The sad thing is they’ve gotten more exercise than normal because of the amazing weather.

Both dogs will be going to the farm today to run until they refuse to run any more… yesterday was a really crazy day and I want a nice calm evening….

1 Comment
  1. Hey, guys! You look like you’re having a great time! Rio, I still love your ears! Remember to tell your mom that if ever the idea for a blog post doesn’t come to her, she can just post pictures of you! (And Shayne, too!)

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