My newest investment

My new investment isn’t a big one but it is an important one in this house.

I’m investing in child locks for my cupboards. Those little $5 items used to keep small children out of the chemical (or adult beverage) cabinets are going to be used to keep my freak of nature 16 year old cat out of trouble.

Yesterday, the aforementioned old freak of nature decided it would be a REALLY good idea to open up the cupboard door that closes off our trash can. We had made chicken wings the other day and I had some left over wings for lunch and Panther could smell the goods. She opened the cupboard, realized she couldn’t tip the bin (it was too heavy today) and couldn’t reach the goods so she left–but the pain in the butt didn’t shut the door after she was done trying to scavenge.

So…my two innocent dogs happen upon a treasure trove that is an open trash cupboard and sure enough they find one of the cooked chicken wing bones. UGH. I don’t know who ate it…but someone ate half of a chicken wing bone. UGH.

I tried a home remedy to help pad the potentially dangerous shards of chicken bone and just crossed my fingers. It’s been about 20 hours and all seems fine with both dogs so I’m hoping we are almost out of the woods. With the stress that comes along with potential doom and expensive surgery, I decided two things. 1. Panther is out to kill the dogs 2. I need child locks for my 16 year old cat.

And so, amid a busy busy day, I have to make a stop at a hardware store to keep 16 year old Panther kitty from killing the dogs.

  1. Interesting… The same thing happened in my house yesterday! Only my dog didn’t eat chicken wings but an entire loaf of bread. Blech. I am positive my cat was the one to open the cupboard as he has done this before just for kicks, but my husband insists the dog opened it herself. We’ll never know the truth, but I am thinking child locks are a good idea.

  2. We hear you! With three cats around here, including two who have an almost fanatical obsession with certain cabinet doors, just about all of ours sport child safety locks also.

  3. our cats once worked as a team to open an upper cupboard door above the counter, and take an entire pan of rice crispies (without the pan… that, they left) from the top shelf of that cupboard. Cats are diabolical and willing to work in teams if they really want something šŸ˜›

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