My Series of Posts on Reactivity

My Series of Posts on Reactivity

It’s hard to believe that I have been blogging for more than 2 years.  I have written and published a little under 600 blog posts.  I have struggled recently with writing new posts, only partially because when I have an idea, I think back and say “I already wrote a blog on that.”  Since my readership has grown (and changed) over the last two years, I think it may be a good idea to do some reposting of blog posts that I’m particularly proud of or series of posts I did about specific topics.  I don’t want to rehash out posts that I’ve already written so I want to repost some links to relative sets of posts.

I’m starting this with my series of 9 blog posts written in August 2011 about dealing with reactive dogs.  The first post in the series is listed at the bottom of the page and they go in chronological order from the bottom up (if you’d like to read them in order).

Reactivity Series
Click the image to be taken to the list of reactive posts!

Click the image to be taken to the list of reactive posts!


I hope you enjoy reading through these older posts… feel free to comment, share, or “like” if you feel inclined to do so!

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