Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Left over photos from our trip to NY… interesting watching Rio and Delta negotiate being roomies for a few days…

Rio on my bed after Delta snarked at him. AWWW poor sensitive boy!

Delta’s being a little pushy with her head over Rio’s shoulders. He’s tense and stiff but waits for her to move before giving her his butt in a play gesture.

Still a bit uncomfortable.

Rio is a huge button pusher. In an attempt to get Delta to snark at him (which he tries to turn into play) he jumps up on the bed to hang out with Monica… Delta is none too pleased.

Rio doesn’t want to move after his busy weekend!!

One of Rio’s bestest buddies, Risa, is another sighthound mix (commonly called Lurchers in the UK). Risa’s mom and I have wanted to let the two run together on the lure for a while but Risa has some issues with other dogs and is a resource guarder so we were a bit worried. After some positive experiences on NOT eating other dogs who got loose while coursing, Risa’s mom felt it’d be okay. Here is Risa and Rio coursing…notice both are BIG cheaters cutting the corners!! This was the first day after Rio had run 4 agility runs and 1 lap on the lure already. He was TIRED!

The Epic Lurcher Race:

  1. Lurcher race was so epic. Risa is so focused on that bag. . .I’m pretty sure she doesn’t see anything else. šŸ™‚ And I don’t think she’d ever eat Rio. She loves him too much. Even when he’s pushy.

  2. Oh Delta šŸ˜› Always has to be in charge. haha

  3. The lure running is hilarious – like a giant version of playing with a cat and a bit of string! I could see Gwynn loving it, though he’s definitely not the running machine either of those two are.

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