Neuter-day/ Say no to siblings

Yesterday there was a mini-reunion between Jethro and his two sisters at the vet, they are all being spayed/neutered today and were dropped off yesterday afternoon. Poor Jethro was pushed around by the girls and I bet it was like that before too–those ladies are crazy! They are sweet as can be but egg each other on so they are bonkers when together.

Those two puppies are the picture perfect example of why I really do not think puppy siblings should be purchase/adopted together. These two little girls have a really close bond and love each other but they are also starting to become a little reliant on the other sibling. This can be really problematic for families who buy/adopt two siblings together because there could be separation issues between the two, they can sometimes have trouble bonding with the human family, and the puppies do not get socialized as individuals so they struggle in the world when they are out in it individually. For some puppies, the reliance on their sibling would be a main concern in adopting them together but for these two girls, that’s not my main concern.

These two are so rough and tumble together that I have some concerns over how they would get along as mature into adults. I am someone who does think that some dogs have same-sex aggression problems and I think that often times same-sex aggression is heightened among siblings. With that in mind these girls will be adopted separately with out much question and if Jethro gets adopted before either of the girls, one of them will likely come live with me so they can separate and learn to be more independent of one another. I suspect some of their general craziness is connected to their relationship and security they feel with one another–I think they will both settle down quite a bit when they are separated.

Anyhow, those girls really reminded me why I feel pretty strongly that sibling puppies shouldn’t be adopted/purchased together into one home.

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  1. Jethro’s sisters sound like Callie and her brother Buddy. You get the two of them together and they are CRAZY! They both get really over-the-top in play. I can’t imagine them living together. It’s hard enough when they just see each other at class!

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