New Read-To-Tug Toys

I’ve been busy the last few days cutting fleece and getting started braiding some new “Ready To Tug” toys. These toys will go up in our store for people to browse and purchase tugs that are already made and are ready to ship. The cool thing about these tugs is that they will be made using limited edition fleece patterns that I’ve picked up. If I get a small amount of fleece with a cool pattern I’ll be using them to make Ready To Tug toys instead of posting them for custom orders. Because of this there will always be new colors/patterns/styles in and out of that category of the store.

Here are three tugs just added to the Ready To Tug part of the store yesterday…

Marble Yellow fleece braided with Brown fleece with purple owls and flowers as a pattern:

Mint Green fleece braided with Light Blue fleece with “Peace” graffiti and peace signs:

Purple fleece braided with Green/Pink fleece featuring images of Snoopy, brown circles, and numbers:

I’m also so very excited to announce that you can also purchase tug toys via the Tugs By Tena Facebook Page! See a tug photo posted to FB that you like? It’s easy to then click right onto the store that will load in your FB window and you can buy it right then and there! Since payment takes you to Paypal’s site and has nothing to do with FB, you can be confident in the security.

  1. Awesome! They look great! Now that Shiva has started to tug in class (Sshhh, don’t tell anyone, I don’t want to jinx it) I may have to gift her with a brand new toy as a reward. Do you ship to Canada?

    • Yes I ship to canada… it’s not cheap unfortunately and it does take a while but I do ship to canada 🙂 I think shipping is like $13.95 or something like that … but don’t quote me on that… i have to add a shipping option for canada on my store, thanks for reminding me! 🙂

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