No Turning Back Now..

I just sent off Rio’s entry forms and fee for his very first agility trial (or mock trial) set for next weekend near Ithaca, NY. I cannot say that I’m not a bit nervous…. and by a bit, I mean, quite a bit. I really have zero idea how things are going to go for him. I’m pretty confident he’s not going to run around and get the zoomies… I’m fairly certain that he’ll work with me…but beyond that, I’ve got no clue.

I am a bit nervous as he’s never done ‘for reals’ agility outside and hasn’t really done more than short sequencing. He’s been to the venue twice before, which is a good thing, but both times it was for lure coursing (which he will do each day after his runs finish). The world of frisbee competitions is very different from the world of agility and I’m hoping he’s got the mental stamina to complete the 4 runs he’s signed up for each day. I also hope I can figure out the games on the fly since I’ve never played any of the games CPE runs and I’ve never even really seen them run sooooo we’ll see how that goes! It doesn’t help that I know his contacts are weak. We’ve been working on them for a week now and they are improving but they are certainly not the best.

I’m lucky enough to be making the trip with a seasoned agility friend (though not in the CPE venue) and I’ll be meeting a few other friends up in that neck of the woods (some agility friends, some not). It is sort of funny that I have to drive 7 hours to go to a trial with lots of friends as support 🙂 I’m also really excited to let Rio go lure coursing after the agility trial on both days. He really does love to lure course!

So anyhow, I know I’ve got a few agility folks who read the blog. I know how to pack for my frisbee events but am not sure what to do for agility. This is an outdoor event (I’m not sure if they will have an indoor crating area or what) in the middle of July. Besides water, a few different fans, and my garden sprayer (to cool down Mr. Pointy), do you have any suggestions for things I should bring, things I have to bring, things I shouldn’t bring? Do you have any suggestions for super foods for Rio to have before/after? This is quite the experience–I know that regardless what happens in the ring I will have a blast and Rio will have a blast but it’s still a little bit stressful thinking about it.

And just because I think it’s a silly picture…

  1. How exciting! You shouldn’t need anything different than you pack for outdoor disc trials! It’s just a much longer day. Stay cool!

    Usually Fullhouse is first so you can use it as a practice run to train his contacts and whatever other things you want to reinforce. Otherwise unfortunately CPE does not allow training in the ring (but ASCA, NADAC, and UKI do!!!). But don’t worry, the CPE games are very easy to learn and very friendly people compete!

  2. Four runs each day? You are brave!

    I am so excited for you and Rio! You are both going to do awesome. Since you are a seasoned competitor I am sure the preparations are much the same. From the one agility trial I volunteered with I learned how LONG they can be at times, depending on how many classes and how many participants. I was there at 8am and didn’t leave until almost twelve hours later. No idea if that is the norm or not!

    Anyway, I hope you have a great time and I can’t wait to hear about your massive success!

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