Not their finest moment–Shayne and Rio

My room absolutely reeks of fish. Yes, fish. When I first came home, I figured someone had made a meal from tuna or something fishy (not me that’s for sure).

No, No. No, No. It’s not stinky because someone made a fish based meal. Turns out Rio climbed on top of a chopping block counter and couldn’t reach any of the food (very intentional on my part) but decided to take down the Grizzly Salmon Oil. Can you see where this is going? No? Really? Have you read about all the crap my loving and typically fantastic dogs have gotten into over the years?

Well, once Rio got it down off the counter, Shayne sensed it was sort of food-like and she took it from him and went to town on it (I don’t know this for sure but i’m reasonably sure this is what happened). The bottle and most of the pump was found in the living room. Initially I was panicking because 1. that stuff stains 2. that stuff smells 3. if the dogs ingest too much of it… well, let’s just say they will have wonky poop. The bottle was probably 1/2 empty (so about 1/4 of it spilled). I was totally confused because I didn’t see any evidence of spilled. It was then I checked in my room and found the huge spot on the ground.

The good news is that Shayne probably didn’t ingest that much since the spot was so large and was soaked. It’s also good news that a little Dawn dish detergent mixed in with the carpet cleaner (literally just a drop) got the stain out of the carpet.

But the bad news is that 1. I’m sure she still ingested enough to have some wonky poop 2. MY BEDROOM SMELLS LIKE FISH!!

It’s a relatively rare occurrence when Shayne and Rio team up to counter surf for something but this one is pretty bad. I am not that sensitive to smells, but I’m honestly not so sure how I’m going to sleep tonight… Yucky.

What’s the worst thing your dog has ever eaten, counter surfed for, or spilled?

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  1. UGH! I don’t even want to imagine this! I hate fish smelling stuff!

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