Old Doesn't Necessarily Mean Mature

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my next investment would be child locks. Well, I bought the locks but haven’t put them on yet and was certainly punished for my procrastination tonight.

I was working on some emails for students when I hear this *THMP* noise from the kitchen… I get up after a moment to find this…

Now, you may be thinking, “Boy doesn’t Rio look guilty…” or, you may be thinking, “WOW! Those are some CRAZY laser beams!” If you were thinking the latter, actually those are a built in feature that Rio has–do you remember the memory eraser flashy thing from the movie, Men In Black… well, Rio has that feature standard. He only whips out the memory eraser flashy thing when he’s done something naughty. EXCEPT, I know for a fact that Rio didn’t actually do this. He was sleeping on the couch next to me when I heard the the bin fall over.

So who could the culprit be? Yeah, that would be my 16 year old cat…again. Even better is that 10 minutes after I fixed the mess I heard it happening again. This time I caught her red handed, so to speak…

Even though she is 16 years old (about 96 in human years) she is still such a trouble maker! One would have expected such an elderly and typically regal kitty to NOT be so childish! At least this time no dangerous items were eaten by the dogs!

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