Our Guarantee

                          Our Guarantee


Hard earned success for puppy Oswin!  Although we work hard, I cannot guarantee success in the ring… she IS an adolescent and sometimes has a mind of her own!


Truthfully, we don’t make guarantees on the outcome of training but we do make promises about our services!


Why don’t you offer a guarantee for the outcome of training?

The short answer is that it is against the codes of ethics Tena signed as a member of the Association for Professional Dog Trainers and when she earned her CPDT-KA through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.  These professional organizations believe that offering outcome-based guarantees is not an ethical practice among dog trainers.

The longer answer is that the success of our program is directly connected to the humans who implement (or not) the training protocols and guidelines we suggest.  Since we cannot guarantee the behavior of our human clients, we cannot possibly guarantee success of our canine students. We aim to make training fun and easy enough for our students to get the success they desire but it is up to our students to follow through.


So what is this promise you speak of?

We promise to provide our clients (both the humans and the dogs) with respect and kindness–even when having difficult conversations.

We promise to maintain a strong commitment to continuing education and bringing our students the best training techniques and protocols available.

We promise to follow the ethics and best practice guidelines set forth by the professional organizations to which be belong.

We promise to provide our clients with a training plan designed with their specific goals in mind.

We promise to provide our clients with the best customer service we are capable of.

We promise to maintain a commitment to positive reinforcement based training and training without fear, pain, or intimidation.

We promise to always advocate for the dogs and humans who work with us.

We promise to be a source of support for our clients who might be struggling with their dog’s behavior or struggling to cope with or make choices about their dog’s behavior.

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