Packing… I hate packing

This is a totally and completely (well, mostly) selfish post. It’s Thursday and I leave tomorrow for my weekend agility and lure coursing trip. I bet you can guess just how much I’ve pulled together for my trip. Yep, that’s right, NOTHING. Not a thing has been packed or pulled together. So… maybe you’d like to know what all goes into traveling quite a distance for canine sports.

So this weekend I will be driving 7 hours or so to the agility trial. It is an outdoor trial that will be two full-days worth of craziness (plus lure coursing after the trial). Packing for a 4 day dog event weekend is like packing for a month-long excursion (or like packing for a 4 day trip with triplets).

I MAY struggle to fit everything I need into my small Ford Focus hatchback but my many years of moving has helped me learn how to effectively pack more stuff into my car than imaginable. My packing list is definitely effected by this being a longer distance trip.

So here’s what I’m brining:

-EZ up tent with stakes and tie downs
-rubber mallet
-extra shade sheets
-clamps (to connect shade sheets)
-Camp chair
-3 fans (10″, 8″, and 6″ fans)
-Garden Sprayer (to wet Rio down)
-Crate (wire and possibly soft sided)
-Sheet to cover crate
-2 crate pads
-Cooler (3 Gatorades, 6-10 bottles of water, fruits, training treats, etc)
-Rio’s meals for 4 days (due to the pain of traveling with raw he’ll be eating Weruva canned and kibble)
-2 gallons of water for Rio
-More training treats
-Tug Toys
-Squeaky toys
-tennis balls
-bully sticks
-Kongs with peanut butter (and knives)
-People foods of sorts
-Wash cloth to wet down as a cooling cloth if needed
-SUNSCREEN (and my visor/hat)
-Big camera, little camera, flip camera (and cords/cards/battery packs)
-Computer (and all cords)
-Collars (yes plural)
-Leashes (and his ‘slip leash’ so he can run nekkid)
-canine first aid kit
-and y’know my bag of clothes and such.

-Oh, and Rio šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

So… I’m taking bets whether or not I can jam all of that into my car… I think I can but…. I also know I probably forgot something on my list that I’ll remember tomorrow! I really hate packing and am not looking forward to spending all day tomorrow pulling my life together and cleaning my car BUT it will be totally worth it to spend the weekend with great friends doing awesome dog things!

  1. Out of interest, how far do you normally travel to compete? Six to seven hours is pretty standard for me, as a lot of our flyball tournaments in my region are hosted in Canada.

  2. You better make sure to take video! šŸ˜€

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