Pinching Pennies…

I don’t know about all of you but here in my home, we are often pinching pennies to make ends meet. Sometimes I have to really think about whether or not I can afford to get the bully sticks I “need” or a new toy to replenish a broken one. I’m sure there are other folks out there in similar boats. I wanted to share two resources that may be helpful (though they have become pretty well known in recent times) for people in similar situations.

Barking Deals” and “Doggy Loot” are two daily discount websites that offer special deals on canine products. Their deals are typically 33%-65% off the “retail” price of a given object (do your homework though, I’ve seen a deal or two where it was not much cheaper than I could find from other online retailers). Some of the deals even include shipping which is even more exciting! Some of the deals I’ve gotten from these sites are bully sticks, Kyjen toys, biodegradable poop bags, freeze dried liver treats, venison/duck USA made jerky treats, and some other random treats.

I am not positive but I don’t think either of the deals are valid outside of the U.S. (but you can check on that if you are interested, perhaps there are Canada/UK/etc programs similar). You do have to sign up for their daily deal emails in order to see and order the deals, but they are, in my opinion, worth it. The subject lines are always descriptive enough for me to know if it’s something I’m interested in looking at or something to just delete.

Today’s deal on “Barking Deals” is 1/2 off a package of ten 6″-8″ bully sticks from including free shipping! I’ve gotten this deal almost every time it has come up because it’s really such a great price, $16, for the quality of bully sticks–they aren’t super thick, but they are thicker than the basic bully stick.

I’ve had better luck from Barking Deals than Doggy Loot in terms of the deals being more typically 50% off and including shipping but I get both delivered to my inbox daily because they are both worth it! So, for those of you who may need to be penny pinchers in this economy, check out these two resources for some great deals on a wide variety of doggie goods!

  1. Thanks for the tip! Do you find these bully sticks are better than the ones at Costco?

    • Hi Madeline, y’know our Costco hasn’t had bully sticks in SOOOOO long. The ones Costco had before were Cadet brand 12″ bully sticks for I think $21 or something like that.

      If given the choice between Costco ones (as described above) and the barking deels bully sticks, I’d go the costco bully sticks because they are 12″–other than the length, they were pretty similar in quality (though the Costco ones I had were very varied in their thickness so some were thicker than and others thinner than the barking deal bully sticks)

  2. is another good site to check out!

  3. Wow – how did I not know about these? Thanks!

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