Growin’ Up Pups!

Growin’ Up Pups Program!


EmmyLou and Cooper both started training with SJC at 9 weeks old! One year, and several classes and private lessons later, they both have their CGCs!



The Growin’ Up Pups Puppy Program is all about setting up puppies and their owners for a lifetime of good behavior and solid communication. It provides longterm guidance and support through the critical developmental stages during the first year of life for your puppy.


Growin’ Up Pups and their owners are provided months of support that can help get through some of the major challenges of puppyhood and adolescence like house training, puppy mouthing, appropriate chewing, four on the floor, adolescent pushy behaviors, and basic manners like sit, down, stay, come when called, drop it, and more!


What is included in our program?

* 1 Initial Consultation (can be done before you bring home your puppy!)

*7 Private in-home training sessions customized to your needs

*1 Socialization field trip to your vet’s office or a pet friendly store

*1 Group Class (Puppy Einsteins, Puppy Pre-School, Puppy Kindergarten, or Elementary Manners)

*Optional Teenager Extension–1 Group Class (Elementary Manners, Middle School Manners, Novice Tricks,  or most any other appropriate group class)

What is the cost?

$960 for the full program ( $1090 for the Teenager Extension program)

The fine print…

Puppies should be 5 months or under at the initial consultation (or the first lesson if the consult happened before the puppy came home). The private training and group class can run concurrently or consecutively or a mix of both. The length of the program (not including a Teenager Extension) should last from 3 to 5 months roughly. Puppy must be enrolled in first class within 5 months of starting the puppy program (Teenager Extension second class must be enrolled within 8 months of starting the program).

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