Reactivity Day Training

Day Training for Reactive Dogs

Let us help do the hard work for you and take your reactive dog out to work around their triggers!



Laika is at the park watching other dogs and bikes go past to work on her reactivity towards these triggers.

 Why is day training right for your reactive dog?

Here at SJC, we work hard to teach the owners of reactive dogs a plethora of tools they can use in variety of situations to improve their dog’s reactivity and to manage it in a positive manner.  During every lesson we are coaching students to learn solid problem solving skills for those surprise situations that happen in the real world (“okay, so if that dog had turned this way what could you have done differently?”) but we recognize that, just like their dogs, it takes time for the owners to learn the skills and to master them.  While owners are building up those skills, we can maximize the training by having a skilled and experienced trainer work with the dog regularly.

Another consideration is that although we are arming our clients with lots of skills, we know that it can be stressful, overwhelming, embarrassing, and sometimes time consuming for our students to take their reactive dogs out and about regularly to work on their reactive behaviors.  Because it is hard and sometimes uncomfortable for the humans, it is easy to push that training to the back burner and simply not take the dogs out as often as they should to practice.   While there is absolutely validity to avoidance as a management tool, practice is still critical in your dog’s training plan and we can help you with that practice.

By having additional successful experiences around triggers, we can help them continue to improve and  at a higher rate since they are having more positive practices.


What does day training for reactive dogs look like?

We will come to you 1 – 2 days per week* for an hour and have a one on one training session with your dog.  We will take them for a walk in your neighborhood or go to a local park to work around their triggers, or we might bring a demo dog along to do some set ups in your neighborhood.  You can either be home for these adventures or not–if you are home, you are welcome to observe but we will work as if you are not observing.  We will be doing much of the same things suggested to our students so the learning will be consistent.  At the end of each day training session, we will send a quick update (email) with what we did on that outing and how the dog did with regards to the triggers we encountered.

*Although we generally are looking at visits 1-2 days per week, we are happy to customize a package for you with additional lessons per week should you choose.



Crosby is working with one of our demo dogs to practice his ability to relax near another dog.

 What are the details of day training for reactive dogs?

We are only opening up this option to SJC students (past or current) because we want the training to be consistent.  If everyone who handles the dog is playing the same game, it helps the dog generalize.

Reactivity Day Training packages are sold in groups of 4 (can be done over the course of 2 weeks or 4 weeks) and we are taking clients within a 15mi drive of our HQ (slightly smaller than our normal service area).

You can build a package to be whatever size you like based on this cost schedule:

1st set of 4 sessions–$360 (first of these sessions will likely be with the owners to get an update and game plan)

2nd set of 4 sessions (to immediately follow the first)– $340

3rd or more set of 4 sessions (immediately following the previous)– $320


Although we are accepting payments (as broken down above), for scheduling purposes, owners must commit to a specific number of lessons ahead of time (that can always be increased).

For more information or to get scheduled with Reactive Dog Day Training, Contact Us today!

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