I’ve had quite the week this week and I want nothing more than to leave you all with something fun and light hearted for the weekend. So, instead of coming down with some ridiculously emotional or heavy topic, I’m ACTUALLY going to keep things really light hearted!

I love clicker training… I think it is the bees knees. I LOVE that my dogs LOVE to clicker train… they love their work and can’t ge enough of it. Quite literally. A few years ago when I got some i-clicks (the quieter button style clickers), I got a glimpse of just HOW much Rio loves clicker training.

I had left a clicker on an end table while I went outside to get the mail. I came back inside to find Rio on the floor clicking the clicker. Yep, that’s right. My special dog was chewing the clicker–he would chew for a moment trying to get it to click then he’d stop and look around. He was very intentionally clicking himself… there was not a single tooth mark on the half the clicker without the button. I was laughing hysterically at this sight of him working to click himself and then looking around for reinforcement.

Over the years I have probably lost 3 or 4 clickers to him doing this. Because of his lack of thumbs, he generally ends up breaking the clicker (the click typically becomes unreliable–sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and it’s often a little slow to happen)–teeth are not ideal for pressing down smooth plastic buttons. I think it is absolutely hilarious (though an expensive form of entertainment). He clearly LOVES his clicker training!

On a similarly Rio-diculous note, over the last 3 days I have been working on shaping a brand new trick for Rio. I want to debut the trick at Dogtoberfest next weekend though I’m not sure it’ll be ready by then. It’s been quite entertaining to say the least. I am working on shaping Rio to lift his leg on an object so it looks like he’s taking a wee so to speak. Right now we are using a bucket and we are getting pretty decent results… not ready to put it on cue yet but hopefully! It’s really hilarious if nothing else!

Teehee!! I hope this gives you a good laugh for the weekend!

  1. Glad my dog isnt the only one who thinks clickers are fascinating to click for herself…

  2. Hah, how funny! I can just see the pause and look around for a treat!

  3. Gotta love Rio! He’s a trip! That will be a great trick! And a dog that is clicking himself? How can not love a dog like that?

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