Rio’s Christmas List

Hi folks, Rio here, I have taken over communications for the day. I feel I do not get nearly enough time on here to advocate for my needs… because I am clearly suffering. I don’t really understand this indoor-tree thing but I do understand presents. I like presents.

Here are some things that I want and have been wanting for a while but I’m so neglected that I haven’t yet received (I am accepting “donations”)…

**A Hurtta brand winter coat would be fantastic. You see, I don’t have a luxuriously thick coat and being pretty skinny, I don’t have much insulation. Also, if you get me the coat, mom won’t get my the horrible “snowsuit” onsie thing.

** The Nina Ottosson Dog Miracle toy looks like lots and lots of fun! I like these fun treat games and I’m always looking for something different and this one is really different.

**I clearly NEED a GoDogGo automatic ball launcher. Mom just won’t stand out in the cold with me long enough to get super tired… plus i can go until I don’t want to anymore. Hope it comes with lots of batteries!

**I love squirrels. They are my favorite. There is nothing more I’d rather chase than a squirrel. Heck, I even climb trees after squirrels…. so if I could have one all for myself, it would be fantastic!

  1. Rio, we hope you get everything you’re wishing for this Christmas! You deserve it!

  2. I’ve not seen that Nina O toy before! It looks tricky! We have two of her games and Shiva just loves them. I haven’t brought them out in a while, though, so I am glad you mentioned this! Something to do tonight!

    I hope Santa brings you at least one thing from this list, Rio.

  3. I think Albus and Harry may have paid Rio off, because their wish lists look pretty similar! Great gift ideas..thanks, Tena.

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