Shayne’s Christmas List

Shayne here, seeing as Rio got to have the spot light last week, I’m taking my turn to share my Christmas list (and what’s with him going first anyhow?).

I have been a really really good girl this year–minus a few mischievous moments counter surfing–and think I deserve some Santa Swag.

**Toss N Tug Jolly Ball–The handle of my toss-n-tug toy recently kicked the bucket and while it’s still round and ball-like, mom struggles to throw it and we certainly can’t tug with it anymore. I’d love a new one!

**Kong Wubba–I can never have too many Kong Wubbas. I think I’m down to one squeaking wubba and SOMEONE (Rio) chewed one of the ‘legs’ off! I am definitely hoping for a few more of them for Christmas!

**ORANGE MONKEY!!!–HUGE orange orangutang toy actually. Mom bought me this toy years ago and I loved it. I carried it around all the time and it just made me feel better… when mom came home, I’d have to go find my orangutang before saying hi. Well, I’ve gone through about 4 and it’s been a long time since I had one and I’d really like to have one again… they are my favorite! They even GRUNT rather than squeak, and that’s awesome!

**Manners Minder–I hear this toy involves food and I like food. I also hear it works even if mom isn’t around to pay attention… I also like that a lot. Word on the street is that mom plans to use it to address some bad habits of mine–*shrug* I have NO idea what she’s talking about!

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  1. You have excellent taste, Shayne! I would love a Manners Minder as well but unfortunately my dog hasn’t written her list to Santa yet and it might be too late. They are a little too expensive for us to pay for without the big guy’s help!

    I hope you get most of the thing you asked for!

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