SJC Social Walk pt. 2

SJC Social Walk pt. 2

Alright folks, we’ve got social walk number two planned!  I had planned on getting it out of the north hills area for this walk since the last one was up this way, but after looking at a few different parks/routes, I ended up choosing to go to Hartwood Acres in Hampton.  The main reason is that this park has a few routes that are shorter than the main 1.5 mile loop, so if the weather is yucky, we can easily modify our walk easily.

Our theme for this walk is to simply celebrate the International Day of Celebration for Force Free Training.  This event is being run by The Pet Professional Guild to celebrate all the awesome things happening in the field of positive/force free training.  There is nothing I’d like to do more than to spend an hour with positively trained dogs out for a walk together!  You do NOT have to register for the official IDCFFT event to join our walk, but if you’d like to register and get a certificate and special event dog tag, you can do that by following the link above.

Since our theme is about a fun event, the training stops on our walk will be filled with short training games.  We’ll have some fun working our dogs!  As always, well-managed reactive dogs are allowed with Tena’s permission  (if there will be a bad match of reactive dogs, the second to contact me will be told to hold off until the next walk).

With how popular the last walk was, I’m going to have to put a limit on the size of our group.  I want to make sure that I can attend to everyone and give everyone attention–so, I’m limiting the number of dogs to 10.  Once those ten slots fill up, I’ll start a waitlist and if anyone drops out of the walk before hand, I’ll contact people on the waitlist to join us.

social walk flat 2


social walk 2 FLAT

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