Spooky Jam 2011–video fun!

My friends over at Pawsitive Vybe are hosting a really really awesome disc-dog video Halloween contest, Spooky Jam 2011.  Disc dogs + costumes + handlers (some in costume) + fun music= AWESOME VIDEOS!  You should go check out all the videos (listed as comments on the Spooky Jam page).  They are all super creative and really entertaining!

I am not generally one to pull together a video for a contest or anything like that but I figured, why not, I haven’t made a fool of myself recently!  By the time I decided to film, it was just 5 days from the end of the contest.  Well, our weather hasn’t cooperated and we’ve had 4 straight days of rain (and two more on tap before 1 dry day before another day of rain).  Four days of rain causes my backyard to get very muddy and sloppy and actually created a standing-water puddle in the middle of our yard.

I was able to get some filming done in between rain showers but then got caught in the rain.  So, I zip-tied an umbrella to my tripod to keep my camera dry and just went for it.  Rio had some traction problems, wasn’t terribly sure-footed, and we had to play in a much smaller part of the yard than normal (because of the standing water puddle)… so it’s not our best work, but boy did we have fun!!!

I must give a heads-up, the video has a very mildly risque theme (if it were a movie it’d probably be PG/PG-13), if you are sensitive to risque themes, this video may not be for you… I hope not to offend anyone.  It was made to be silly!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

  1. Rio’s fantastic! He flies so high on some of those tricks and I can’t get over how QUICK he is. Even more though, I love how you just light up when he is in high-drive — such a joy to see!

  2. You guys ROCKED, Tena!
    Here’s the link for voting, in case you need the nudge: http://pvyb.me/spookyjam11 – voting closes midnight Nov 3rd.

  3. Yo, Tena, Give me a shout so we can hook you up with your winner… Email, FB, phone… whatevah!

    Thanks for participating!

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